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Our Vision / Mandate


First Be a Total Human Being, then whatever you create will be Beautiful


                                                                                        - J. Krishnamurti









If you are looking for outstanding classical music instruction for your child or yourself, then you have come to the right place!  


Our students range from toddlers to adults; from beginning piano students to National GoldMedal recipients for the RCM Licentiate Diploma and RCM ARCT Diploma, as well as concerto soloists, scholarship recipients into the finest University music programs and prize winners at the

provincial, national and international levels.


The ancient Greeks considered Music/Math/Science and Astronomy to be related subjects and to represent among the most lofty of directions towards which the human mind could gear itself.   Modern science has confirmed the impact of listening to and partaking in activities such as classical music as significant assets in the development of higher level brain function, mental health and physical coordination.  (It is not uncommon for instance for surgeons to have had a strong piano background.)


The tools and skill sets derived in learning an instrument from a traditional classical methodology provide a crucial foundation and great asset should one desire to branch out into other styles such as jazz and pop. 


In an increasingly desensitized world, activities such as classical music are invaluable towards creating a more well rounded individual.  It provides a great forum to practice discipline, patience, hone imagination, and foster a more collegial and nurturing environment with one's fellow human being.  

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