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Music Theory and History Classes
"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to mind"
                                                                        - Plato

Music Theory and History Course offerings


Sign up for one of our fun fulled, engaging and thorough Theory or History classes to further broaden your perspective into the nuts and bolts of the music which you are performing, and to understand the broader historical historical and composition trends which inspired them!

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Theory/History Related Questions


Why are Theory / History courses neccesary?


The goal of the serious methodologies such as RCM Examinations, is to offer the student as well rounded an education in classical music as possible.  As such, learning the basic theoretical buildings blocks of how we compose music, and providing a historical perspective in regards to stylistic evolution, genres and the wide variety of instruments and classifications which fall under the umbrella of classical music is not only an asset, but a must for anyone who has looking to enhance their understanding on all levels of the music which they are learning for their practical instrument.


What are the RCME theory/history co-requisites?


Grade 5 - Basic Rudiments

Grade 6 - Intermediate Rudiments

Grade 7/8 - Advanced Rudiments

Grade 9 - Basic Harmony/History 1

Grade 10 - Intermediate Harmony/History 2

ARCT - (Two of) Advanced Harmony - Counterpoint - Analysis or History 3

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