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2015 EMA Student Achievements

May 12, 2015

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2017-2018 Student and Faculty News

February 9, 2018

September 22 - Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  Piano Legacy Concert.  Dr. Esch to perform in recital alongside master performer/pedagogues Li Wang and Michael Berkovsky.  The concert is part of IMEC’s 2018 Toronto International Musical Arts Festival and will be broadcast on TV and the WWW.


July  25 Kitchener Waterloo Chamber Music Society - Antian Jiang to be featured in a full length recital in this distinguished professional concert series.


July  15- Antian Jiang to be featured on the Steinway Recital Series in a full length recital at Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto.


Ontario Music Festivals Association Provincial Finals (Results TBA)

Open Level - Anthony Vandikas, Gregory Vandikas, Antian Jiang

Open Concerto - Gregory Vandikas, Lauren Esch

ARCT - Enoch Wei, Felix Du, Maggie Chen

Grade 10 - Katie Hatanaka, Jenise Pan 

Grade 9 - Luka Mihajlovic, Michael Yuan

Grade 8 - Annie Chung, Rachel Yu

Grade 7 - Evelyn Esch, Nina Yu


September 2018 Markham Stouffville ORMTA Fundraiser/Aurora Cultural Centre - Dr. Esch to be a featured performer in support of this outstanding organization. 


May 24 - Antian Jiang to be featured on the Steinway Recital Series in a full length recital at Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto.


Steinway Piano Competition 

Antian Jiang, Felix Du and Gregory Vandikas were featured performers on the competition gala held at Markham Theatre.


Felix Du - 3rd (Division III)

Gregory Vandikas - Honourable Mention (Division III)

Antian Jiang - Second (Division II)


Canadian Music Competition - Results TBA

Antian Jiang proceeds to National Finals


May 25 - ORMTA GTA Zone Competition (Results TBA)

Gregory Vandikas, Antian Jiang - Young Artist 

Felix Du - Level B

Annie Chung - Level C


May 6 - Dr. Esch to adjudicate and present masterclass for ORMTA Eastern Zone competition


April 23-27 - Dr. Esch to adjudicate for Elmira Kiwanis Music Festival


April 21 - Dr. Esch to adjudicate auditions and present masterclasses for Barrie ORMTA


2018 Markham Stouffville ORMTA auditions

Grades 1-2

Kaja Kengatharan - First 

Michael Yang - Second

Grades 3-4-5

Michelle Yang - First


Grades 6-7

Kaivan Malek-Zadeh - Second


Grades 8-9 (Level C)

Annie Chung  - First - GTA Zone Participant


Grades 10-ARCT (Level B) 

Felix Du - First - GTA Zone Participant

Mattia Mihajlovic - Second

Joelle Wong - Third


ARCT and Above (Level A)

Antian Jiang - First - GTA Zone Participant


The following students to be featured in recital at Steinway Piano Gallery on May 12:

Harry Tang, Kaja Kengatharan, Michael Yang, Michelle Yang, Kaivan Malek-Zadeh, Enoch Wei, Sandra Wang, Luka Mihajlovic, Joelle Wong, Katie Hatanaka, Felix Du, Antian Jiang, Mattia Mihajlovic, Michael Yuan, Sophie Jin, Merita Hughsam, Kathy Wang, Maral Attarzadeh, Rachel Yu, Michelle Yu, Cecilia Chan, Nina Yu, Wesley Chen, Kaitlyn Chen, Maggie Chen.


North York Music Festival - Results TBA

Michelle Yu

Grade 10 List A - 3rd

Grade 10 List B - 3rd

Grade 10 List C - none

Grade 10 Provincial Qualifier - 3rd


Annie Chung

Grade  8 - Bach Inventions - First

Grade 8 - List C - First

Grade  8 -Provincial Qualifying - First


Yips Music Festival - Results TBA

Maggie Chen to be a featured performer on the Festival Gala


Maggie Chen

ARCT List B - First

ARCT List C - First

ARCT List D - Second

ARCT List E - Second


Ethan Chen

Grade 6 List C - Third


Newmarket Lion Music Festival - Results TBA

Felix Du and Katie Hatanaka to participate in OMFA Provincial Finals

Felix Du, Enoch Wei and Rachel Yu receives a generous scholarships and will be a featured performers on the festival gala.


Felix Du

ARCT Leon Nash Scholarship - First

ARCT List B - Second

ARCT List C - First


Enoch Wei

ARCT List B - First

ARCT List C - Second

ARCT List D - First


Mattia Mihajlovic

ARCT -List B - Third


Joelle Wong

ARCT - List A - 3rd


Luka Mihajlovic

Grade 9 List A - Third 

Grade 9 List B - Third 

Grade 9 List C - First

Grade 9 List D - Third 


Kathy Wang

Grade 10  Leon Nash Scholarship - First

Grade 10 List B - Third

Grade 10 List D - Third


Michelle Yu

Grade 10 List A - 2nd

Grade 10 List B - 3rd

Grade 10 List C - 3rd


Katie Hatanaka

Grade 10  List B - Second

Grade 10  List E - Second


Rachel Yu

Grade 8 List C -  3rd

Grade 8 List D - 1st

Grade 8 2 studies - 1st


Annie Chung

Grade 8 List A - First

Grade 8 Leon Nash Scholarship Class - First


South Simcoe Music Festival - Results - TBA


Oshawa Whitby Kiwanis Festival

Maggie Chen and Jenise Pan to proceed to OMFA Provincial Festival


Maggie Chen Wins the Advanced playoff and senior scholarship of the Founders competition

Maggie Chen and Jenise Pan competed in the Founders Competition


Maggie Chen

ARCT List B - First

ARCT List D - First

ARCT List C - First

ARCT List E - First


Jenise Pan

Grade 10 Concert Group - First

Grade 10 List C - First

Grade 10 List A - Third


April 21 - Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra - Lauren Esch to perform Grieg's Piano Concerto in a-minor (complete) under the direction of Maestro Norman Reintamm.


Markham Music Festival

Antian Jiang, Gregory Vandikas and Anthony Vandikas Featured performers on the Festival Gala at Markham Theatre.


Antian Jiang - Best of Festival Trophy, Canadian Composer Trophy, French Music Trophy, Artist Trophy

Felix Du - Canadian Composer Trophy