We are in constant contact with RCM exams and local, provincial, national, international music festivals. Please check this blog periodically for updates on cancellations and or postponements:

2020 RCM Exams

March/April session - Rescheduled through June 2020. ONLINE SESSIONS to be scheduled through the link which the RCM provided each candidate by email.


May Theory Exams - ONLINE SESSIONS to be scheduled through the link which the RCM provided each candidate by email.

August Session Practical and Theoretical Exams - As Scheduled

2020 Festivals

Newmarket Lions - Cancelled

Canadian Music Competition - Cancelled

Yipa Music fesrtival - Cancelled

Scarborough Lions Festival- Cancelled

CCC - Dr. Esch Adjudicating - Online Format - video submission date is April 19, 2020


North York Music Festival - Mixed Format

Provincial Qualifier Classes - Video Format..Deadline May 1

Concerto Classes - Postponed ...Date TBA

All other Classes have been postponed to September 2020

International Music Festival - Online Competition format

All classes save masterclasses and concertos: Deadline April 5

Concerto Classes - Deadline extended to May 30

Online Submissions due by Sunday April 5


Oshawa Whitby Music Festival - Online Competition Format

Oshawa-Whitby Kiwanis Music Festival – Virtual Festival Guidelines


The virtual festival will provide an opportunity for teachers and students to video record their performance and submit for adjudication. Written comments from adjudicators will be returned to students. Marking will be as follows:

Gold – mark of 85 or higher

Silver – mark of 80 – 84

Bronze – mark of 75-79

Scholarships, will be awarded following the festival according to adjudicator recommendations.

Recording and Submission Guidelines

To ensure proper identification, participants should hold up a piece of paper listing the class number, participant name, selection, and composer.

  • Example:

Piano – Class 8210

Participant: Jack Smith

Selection: Down to Business

by Christopher Norton

Professional recordings are not required. Most smart phones will provide an adequate video. Video recording can be done at home, studio, or other location. We know that everyone has access to different levels of technology when it comes to doing their video submissions. We don’t ask for or expect perfection. Do the best with what you have, have some fun and be creative Whether you have a home studio or will do your video in your living room or your back yard, our adjudicators are adept at looking past the technology to see the musicality in the performer.

Recording should include a clear picture of the participant’s face/profile, hands (piano/instrument), and their instrument.

The recording must be one take – no editing or splicing. However, please feel free to record as many versions as you like and choose the best one for submission.

For classes requiring more than one piece (concert group, etc.), both pieces should be performed consecutively in one video.

Participants registered for multiple classes should send one email per entry.

Memorization is encouraged but not compulsory.

Due to social distancing, taped accompaniment in all classes with any instrument is acceptable. A family member may accompany in your home.

Video file is uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video. A tutorial on this quick and easy process can be found here:


After uploading, a private link will be created. The video is not public, and only those with the link can view the video.

A digital copy of the sheet music must be provided for the adjudicator. This can be done by taking a photo of each page with a smartphone or using a scanner.

When ready, an email with the YouTube video link/URL copied into the body of the email and digital sheet music as an attachment are submitted to the festival.

The subject line of your email should read as follows:


  • example: (8210_JackSmith_DownToBusiness_ChristopherNorton)

*All email accounts will be deleted immediately following adjudication.

Timeline of Submissions

Below are the dates in which you must forward your performance(s) to the email address below.

Junior Piano - April 15-16

Intermediate Piano - April 17-18

Senior Piano - April 19-20

Advanced Piano - April 19-20

Strings - April 23-24

Woodwinds - April 25-26

Brass - April 25-26

Guitar - April 25-26

Vocal - April 27-28

2020 Geringas Scholarship - Postoned to Fall 2020

South Simcoe Festival - Pending


OMYI Music Festival - Postponed (date pending)


Markham Stouffville ORMTA auditions - Cancelled


ORMTA GTA ZONE - Cancelled

https://ormta.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=963842&module_id=374419 - Pending

ORMTA - Provincial Final - Cancelled

OMFA Provincials

Concerto Classes - Online Competition

Solo level - - Online Competition

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